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From Kisoji (Magome) to Minoji (16post stations)

" There are 69 post stations between Nihonbashi in Edo and Sanjo-ohashi in Kyoto (a distance of 135 ri, 24 cho, and 8 ken, or approximately 532 kilometers). Mino Province (the present Gifu Prefecture) accounts for one fourth of the length of the Nakasendo(approximately 128 kilometers). Mino Nakasendo, along which there are 16 post stations, passes through mountains and gives us a view of seasonal beauty of nature in trees and valleys. Especially, the portion between Nakatsugawa-juku and Ota-juku remains relatively unchanged.  Kisoji Magome-juku, which was incorporated into Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture in February of 2005, flourishes as a tourist spot where the city landscape is preserved."

17 post stations along Nakasendo

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